When the Swishing Stops


Around our house, there is no lack of imagination. I’m not sure how it started or exactly how we fostered it in our children, but our kids do a lot of playing “in their heads”. Don’t get me wrong, we still have probably too much t.v., video game, computer, and ds time, but there’s also a good bit of time where good old fashioned sticks or light sabers are utilized. Climbing out back, playing with the dog, running around doing who knows what are all common sights to see.

When our oldest son, Alex was little, he would go off to his room and pretend. His speech was barely discernible at the time, but his sound affects came out loud and clear. BAM! SWISH! PSHAW!  When the bad guys took a hit, everyone in a 3 room radius knew it. My mother in law started calling it “swishing” because he would literally SWISH by you.  He didn’t care if you saw it or heard it as long as you stayed out of his way and let him play. All of the boys do it in their own way, a couple of them now do it more than the others. If you ask them what they’re doing they’ll just say, “Oh I’m making up a story.” or something like that.

The other night I looked around and realized 3 of the boys were “swishing” all totally independent of the others. Oliver is only 2 and yet he gets up and goes and swishes because the bigger boys are doing it too. It was kind of loud, actually, the whole scene. At the same time, it was cozy. I liked that they were right in front of me doing it. I didn’t mind that whatever they were imagining cut a path right in front of what I was watching on t.v. I realized one day they’ll be too old for it or they’ll be moved out. There won’t be any swishing in the other room or down the hall. The house will be quiet.

I think I’d rather not think about when the swishing stops. It’s one of my very favorite things.


2 comments on “When the Swishing Stops

  1. If your boys are like my husband, you won’t have to worry about it. Corey still sometimes fights dragons in his mind.

  2. long live the swishing!! :)) love it.
    and love this new site. looks all cool and classy~

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