That One Snuck up on Me

Tomorrow, my sweet little ray of sunshine, Isaac, will turn 5. Yes, 5!  Maybe it’s just the season for nostalgia in my house or something but I can’t believe this little Birthday is upon us! There was a period of time when we thought he would be our last baby. We believed it so much we just called him “baby” half the time and when we found out we were expecting again we had to break everyone of calling him “baby Isaac”.  Even his brothers had taken to it.Image

He is a little ray of Sunshine. In fact, I often call him that, my little Sunshine. He’s a happy boy, he loves school. He can read. He goes to preschool two days a week and has the job schedule there memorized. He can tell you what his job will be today and what it  will be the next time he goes and what everyone else’s job in his class is. He’s a smart little cookie.


I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I was bringing little baby Isaac to work with me. The blondie of the family. The once-baby of the family but now middler. The boy who loves cookies so much he could eat them nonstop forever. The little sunshine.



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