Put a Brick on His Head!

Have you ever heard that saying about kids who are growing fast, “You should put a brick on his head!”? I have nothing really to say about it, it just popped in my head as I was looking at Alex this morning. He had a dentist appointment so we spent some time together hanging out.  I looked over at him in the passenger seat and thought, that kid is huge!  He’s not a “little” boy anymore.


His dentist appointment was fine, if you were wondering.

Yesterday the boys were playing outside. They were fighting. They call it “training”. Basically this means they just tussle around in what they perceive to be an athletic fashion. If you’re up for a chuckle, it’s just the thing.  Especially when they’re wearing a getup like this:


Apparently tucking tshirts into windpants makes me laugh. A lot. He had no idea I was taking this picture because I thought that was funny. Poor kid. You may have noticed he’s wearing a Jurassic park shirt. He got that for Christmas. He went to put it on right after he realized the paperback copy of Jurassic Park arrived  in the mail. He promptly read 3 chapters, then changed into this shirt and went out to “train” with his brother.

On the way to school Alex asked me if it was possible to “train too much”. I said, “First of all, what are you training for?? I have no idea how to answer that question.”  I imagine this training involves something very Napoleon Dynamiteish. Apparently that wasn’t the right answer because he just changed the subject. Kids are funny.


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