Yesterday I went for a walk. I drove over to near my workplace and walked the sidewalk that I usually walk on my lunch break. (Doesn’t the word “walk” sound funny now, like I’ve maybe used it too many times in a row?)

I wanted to be able to move at a decent pace, but didn’t really want to leave everyone and go be alone. So, I asked Alex if he wanted to go. I’ve asked him before and he’s always said no. This time, he said yes. I was both glad, and a little worried. After all, this is the 12 year old who acts like it’s hard to lift the garbage bag out of the can to take outside. Also if you ask him to do something around the house he frequently says he’s “tired”.  (insert motherly eye roll here)

I should have known better. A chance to do a physical activity that was not a chore, piece of cake! It wasn’t long before this guy was far ahead of me.

He did a silly little laugh and took off. He didn’t run the whole time just enough to keep ahead of his Mom. If he heard me getting close he’d take off again. I didn’t have to slow down, in fact, we did the fastest time I’ve ever done on that sidewalk before. It was funny being behind him and seeing him up ahead. He’s still a mix of boy and man. I thought, I don’t want to forget this. So I wiggled my phone out of the arm holder and took a couple pictures unbeknownst to him.

I caught up at one point and he asked me, “Hey, when can I get a phone?” to which I replied, “I don’t know for sure, but not yet.” He was satisfied with that and went on his way.

It was fun. I thought, when I walk this by myself again, I’ll remember Alex up ahead of me.

I also should have remembered that youth have boundless energy.  He wasn’t even winded.

I’m gonna remember that when the trash is full again.


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