A Word of Advice for Young People

  • Disclaimer: I consider myself a young person too . . . so I will gladly apply this advice to myself as well. 😉

     1. Facebook. If you wouldn’t say it or do it in front of your Mama, it doesn’t belong on Facebook. Chances are, someday, you’ll want a job that is prestigious enough to have a base pay that gets you out of your parent’s household. Any employer like that is likely to check out your Facebook profile. Don’t use profanity, display pictures of yourself scantily clad, post videos of yourself a drunken mess, or do anything else your sweetest, most precious relative would be offended by.

    2. Work your way up.  When you get a job out there in the big bad world, don’t expect to start out at the top. You can’t/won’t/shouldn’t be making in pay what everyone else who has been there for ages is making. They started at the bottom. Whether you’ve got a college diploma in your hand or not, you’re new. Go in knowing that all the people who succeed in life work really hard to get there. They don’t assume they are entitled to what other people have worked for.

    3. Learn to Forgive.  People are not perfect. You are not perfect. Relationships that you cherish will require your ability to forgive mistakes and move forward. You don’t have to stay around people who are bad for you, but holding a grudge in your heart harms no one but yourself. It hinders your ability to love and forgive and accept other people in the future.

    4. If a girl or guy is not good enough to be the mother/father of your future child, you probably shouldn’t sleep with them.  I think this is self-explanatory.

    5. Learn to spell, or use programs with a spell checking program. If I’m looking at your resume and you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, or to, too and two, I’m mentally judging your ability to do the job. 

    6. Laugh at yourself. No one else will provide you with as much entertainment. It improves your coping skills, and makes you more likable. 

    7. Don’t expect more from other people than you are willing to give of yourself. 


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