Yesterday was my boys’ last day of school for this year. I found myself with mixed emotions. I’ll be really glad to only have to get myself around in the mornings to leave for work, and not 5 cranky boys who can’t find shoes/socks/clean underwear/the favorite shirt, etc.


The sad part? I LOVE the teachers we’ve had this year. Thomas’s teacher last year just picked apart every single thing he did. He was making all A’s in class but getting behavior marks for “acting silly” and talking a lot. He is a talker, that’s true. He also has a tendency to find something to do if he gets bored, even if it’s not a cool thing to do. (In that way he’s alot like our border collie, ha!)  This year, his teacher has been able to “harness” Thomas’ intelligence or something and he’s had no bad behavior marks all year. I think the classroom environment has been one of learning in an organic way and had room for Thomas to move ahead in areas that he was already ahead in and resulted in less boredom for him in the classroom. It’s been totally awesome. Elijah’s teacher, well I think she loves him. I don’t think that, I know it because she told me so. When he broke his arm she checked in with me on how he was doing several times and when he went back to school after that with his cast she let me know throughout the day how he was doing. It’s been a relief to send him off to school because of her.  Alex, well he changes classes and has lots of teachers but all the ones he had this year were really good.  When you’ve had a year with teachers this good, it makes it hard to go up from here next year. Know what I’m saying?? What are the odds we’ll have all great teachers next year too??


That’s not where the anxiety came in to play, however. I’m scarred, you see. One of my children, I’ll not tell you which one, on the last day of school his kindergarten year, had to be picked up. That’s right, on the one day of the year where all good behavior expectations are practically nil, I got a call from the school to come pick up my child and take him home for something he did. It leaves me a little terrified of the last day of school. Like they’ve held it in all year, and been SO GOOD and you think you’re home free. Alas, it’s not always true. I always feel anxious until they’ve been picked up on that last day. What did he do that was so bad, you ask? He mooned the entire cafeteria at lunch.


I rested much easier after school was over yesterday.


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