The Spice Cabinet

Today I cleaned out my spice cabinets. Today, I also found out some weird things.

For someone who never bakes pumpkin pies, I sure do have a lot of pumpkin pie spice. (3 containers, to be exact)

My last cabinet clean out, about a year ago, was not that thorough. I know this because I found a container of sesame oil that expired in 2007.

The Swivel Store apparatus that I saw on t.v. and thought would really revolutionize my spice storage and utilization, was a waste of money. Now that I have used it for about a year, I’m getting rid of it. It did not help, in fact the place I had to put it (because it didn’t fit in my spice cabinet) made it more awkward to keep track of what I had. 

Apparently, sometimes, at the store I fancy myself a baker. So much so that I have purchased lots of pastry decorating items, frosting tubes, and food coloring. I rarely, if ever use any of these products.

If I place something on the top shelf out of my immediate view, I will never see it again and think I do not have it. Then I will end up with two containers of molasses, and 6 different packets of yeast.

I’m not loyal to cocoa brands, I have both Hershey’s and Nestle varieties.

I planned to use bamboo skewers at one point. 

I KNEW I had recently purchased chili powder and cumin, HA! Found them!

I have a stockpile of instant cocoa packets, and muffin mix. (which is good, because now if I use a packet mix for muffins, I have to use FOUR of them to feed this family)

I have 3 varieties of salt. Iodized, Sea Salt and Kosher.  I use two of them frequently, but sea salt not as much.

I love maple flavoring so much that I have 3 containers of it. 

Up next: Bathroom Cabinets
I’m almost afraid.


4 comments on “The Spice Cabinet

  1. amber says:

    YOU crack me up.
    and i miss YOU!!!
    i too have lots of pumpkin spice for never really baking pies – –
    what else can you do with nutmeg???
    hey we need to find a nutmeg cupcake recipe and decorate them w/ all our frosting tubes. ;))

  2. tessfull2 says:

    Love this slightly random post. I love to bake so my spices are used often. Who knows what I would find in the top of my cabinet?

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