Round the House

About a month ago I got tired of the toothbrush arguments. The boys were constantly arguing over who had the red toothbrush this time, and who used all the toothpaste, and who likes which flavor of toothpaste, and so on.  I decided they each needed their own container, for their own brush and paste. Then, while shopping at Kroger I found the cutest blue glass canning jars and thought, BINGO. 



I wrote their names on each glass and boom. Everyone’s got their own, and I can honestly say there has been NO arguing over toothbrushes or toothpaste ever since.

Recently I had a birthday. And a really cool friend sent me a really cool gift and I wanted to show you what it was. 



I have read every.single.Nora.Roberts book in existence. Every dadgum one. I ❤ them.



If this quote is true, then my house is practically nothing but windows. Solid glass, I tell ya.



Happy Weekend, Folks. 

Oh and Go Hogs, beat Rutgers today! 😉



5 comments on “Round the House

  1. autumnstrength says:

    That’s nice. I always enjoyed it and got a proud sense of ‘my property’ when I had things that were just mine, when I was a child.

  2. Hopefully nobody will ever accidentally put their toothbrush in the wrong jar.

  3. Shannon says:

    Cute idea for the toothbrushes!! Since we have some princess ones in the mix, there’s not some arguing here about whose is whose. 🙂

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