Random Stuff

Today we saw the little baby again. Out wiggly little smudge is 10 weeks. All the boys got to see, so that was cool. It’s nice to see them get excited about a new sibling.

After school today, Thomas decided to make us all pear phones. A tv show they watch sometimes shows smartphones and laptops with a pear instead of an apple, for licensing reasons I’m sure. So Thomas got some foam mats, and printed some pictures off the internet. He then presented me with a pear phone and a pear pad. These kids are so funny!




5 comments on “Random Stuff

  1. jennie z says:

    I love the pear phone! 🙂

  2. amber says:

    That’s a pretty cute little smudge!!

    I’ll bet Thomas will be the next Bill Gaits.. Inventor of the pearphone. 😊

  3. tessfull2 says:

    The pear phone rocks! Love that your kids are so creative.

  4. so FUN that you all got to see your newest little person TOGETHER!!!

    how clever of that son of yours. too funny.

  5. chambray7 says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! How exciting about your surprise!

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