Friday Night

I remember a time when Friday night held the excitement of the going and doing. The option to maybe see a movie, or go out to eat, or hang with friends, and all that jazz.

Boy does it ever look different these days! Tonight, after I got off work, after staying late, I came home and changed into my pj’s. The boys were having noodle soup for supper and all I wanted was vegetables. We had no vegetables that I wanted, of course. So I headed off to Kroger in my cupcake pajama pants to shop. 

I stayed up way past my fatigued pregnant lady bedtime, just to make spinach artichoke dip, and asparagus. It’s a weird combo, for sure. But I enjoyed every last bite of it.  I ate the dip with fritos. I ate the artichoke with my fingers. 😉

I have a question, for a friend of course. How much asparagus is too much asparagus for one person?? I mean, if you eat like, 75% of the whole bunch yourself, nothing bad happens, right? My friend was just curious, you know.

Tomorrow afternoon we have our church fall picnic and hayride. I’m bringing brownies and hot corn dip.

It may not be as good as an action flick or fancy party, but let’s face it, there’s 7 people here, artichoke dip, and enough snacking to actually be a party. This family IS a party.



5 comments on “Friday Night

  1. jennie z says:

    Oh, late night snacks are the best!!

    I kinda know what you mean about your family being a party….Jeff and I stayed up till like midnight with the girls the other night…snacking and movie watching…it felt like a slumber party!

  2. Momto9 says:

    Ha Ha thats cute…you pajama pants:) Life sure is different !! How are you feeling?

  3. tessfull2 says:

    I’d just count my blessings that I was craving veggies. Love that you just ate them with your fingers. You go girl!

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