Random Roundup: Volume II


If you’re wondering the perfect meal to eat the evening of Thanksgiving, it’s hot dog buns. No hot dogs, just the buns.


If you’re town is looking to spruce up for the holidays, it needs one of these ginormous trees. They’re only like $130,000. But very pretty.


I paid him a dollar for a foot rub. It was so worth it.


This guy has been, well, kind of adorable.

Even when he’s wearing partial costumes!

The baby is growing. Yes, there’s only one in there. I’m sure.
We’ve had a bit of an ice storm here. Our temps are warm enough to not freeze solid, but cold enough to freeze. The result is not pretty fluffy snow, but ice and sleet and no one can go anywhere. The kids missed school on Friday and church is canceled tomorrow. Other than the obnoxious noise of this many people at home in a very small house, it’s been pretty fun.

We’ve played some Dr. Who Monopoly. Shirts were optional.


I made my Mother-in-law’s chicken spaghetti. It was good.

Today would have been my Mema’s 80th Birthday. She died in June of 2010, a few months before Oliver was born. I dreamed about her right before I woke up this morning. I was at her house, with Oliver and she wanted me to go in the kitchen and find him something to eat. That’s so like her. In this photo, I was pregnant with Alex. He’s 13 now.

Happy Weekend Folks!



15 comments on “Random Roundup: Volume II

  1. You gotta love the little things in life 🙂 cute pics and congrats on your new addition coming.

  2. mrswrangler says:

    Glad to see pictures of your boys. We got no moisture but have been under ten degrees for five days here in Northwest Kansas.

  3. Luci says:

    ok…I think the dimple in your chin is really cute on your preggo selfie. 🙂
    The chicken spaghetti looks wonderful. I see mushrooms and I love mushrooms!
    Do you know if you’re having a girl or a boy yet? Sorry. Just had to ask that.
    Paying for foot rubs is a grand idea. I will have to try it.
    Have a wonderful Sunday at home. Those days can be good and they can have rough spots. Tonight when everyone was roaring around, I told Dan that winter is beginning to look very long. But we have so many good times too.

  4. Ashley says:

    Aw love the baby belly!

  5. Michelle says:

    Look at that baby belly! I can’t wait to hear if you’re having a boy or girl!

  6. Shannon says:

    Ohhh what a cute little belly!! Can’t wait to hear what’s growing in there.

  7. You are looking wonderful! And I will be very much anticipating the Tuesday news. (You WILL tell, right?! :))

  8. Love the randoms! Especially that belly picture! So cute!

    I love the picture of you with Mema, too. I’m glad you dreamed about her. 🙂

  9. shirts are optional she writes. 🙂 they only emulate what they see done at home by parents, right?! snicker. I don’t remember where I’d heard that, but our family sure has proven that one wrong!
    and I see, yours too.

    so neat that you had that dream about your mema… a birthday treat?!

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