Today we had an ice day.


The kids got to stay home from school and I got to stay home from work. It was great. A little loud, but great.

Oliver has started this thing with bugs. Every speck he sees anywhere, he thinks is a bug or a spider, those are the only two options and he runs away frantically until you go get rid of it. Even if it isn’t real.

Today, I asked Alex if he wanted to feel the baby move and he said no. He said no last time too, and I think he thought it was weird. Everything seems weird when you’re 13. I convinced him to give it a try and he sheepishly came over. I showed him were to put his hands, and he just barely was touching me. I said, “Push down just a little bit!” and he did. BAM BAM BAM, Jude kicked and shoved. Alex popped up, huge grin on his face and said, “I felt him kick me! It’s like he was saying leave me alone!” He then asked lots of questions about whether or not the baby could hear him, and so on. It was really cute. The younger boys have all felt the baby move, Thomas has several times, he gets a kick out of it. It was kind of fun to see Alex get to feel it, and be excited about it too.

We hadn’t necessarily planned it for last weekend, although we knew we’d have to do it before the baby gets here this spring. What is IT? We got a new vehicle. “New” means “new to us” of course! We traded our 7 passenger vehicle for an 8 passenger vehicle. One less thing to do.

Oh, and I made a pie too. Apple pie. It was our almost past good granny smith apples, my sisters pie recipe from Home Ec in Jr High School, and Amber’s super easy pie crust. I’ll start with two disclaimers, 1) I’m not a baker. I love to cook but baking is not my forte. 2) I almost never eat all the crust. I’m not a crust person, so usually I just buy one from the store. Amber’s crust you make in the pie dish, in like 3 minutes. So easy. And, so delicious. It was my first time and I had to do it twice to get a top crust, then I couldn’t find my rolling pin so I had to hand flatten and put it on top of the pie. The result was SO tasty, but very “rustic” aka “not pretty”. Also, I ate all of my crust. It was good.


I hope you enjoyed your day, whether it was an ice day or not.


21 comments on “Today we had an ice day.

  1. So glad Alex ‘gave in’. I always thought it was cool for the others to feel the baby move/kick
    Oliver is cracking me up
    Love the ice pic–very pretty.
    The pie looks delish.
    Glad you were able to get the ‘new’ vehicle.
    I did have a good day–mostly the afternoon/evening was karate classes but good classes 😉
    Take care.

  2. airseatraveler says:

    This makes the photographer in me go nuts. I so want this shot.

    • Ha! Does it make you crazy to know I took it with my phone through the window? I didn’t even open the window.

      • airseatraveler says:

        Actually a little. I’ve been really excited about getting out with my camera though, so I’m not murderously jealous. My iPad and iPhone take awesome pix tho

      • I always want to get a really good camera and start photography as a hobby. I’m very interested in it, but in this phase of my life there’s just not fine and I always have the phone with me! My hubby and I are often joking about my fake iPhone photography business.

      • airseatraveler says:

        I’ve had a Cannon Rebel since 2012, but didn’t have any editing software to do anything with the images until I got LR for Christmas. I’ve been going nuts with it over the last couple of weeks.

  3. jennie z says:

    That’s cool about Alex. 🙂

    Pie!!! I love pie. I should try Amber’s recipe.

    To me, it is so fun getting a new or different rig. I love changes like that. 😉

    Is there school and work today?? Im sure it was fun for you all to have a day off from the normal schedule.

    have a great hump day!

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Looks really good. Sounds like your boys brings humor to your life.

  5. Shannon says:

    That first picture is so pretty, just glad it’s you and not me. 🙂 Altho we are covered in snow here today!
    Love the Alex story! 🙂 He’ll make a good husband some day!

  6. Jo says:

    Yay for making a pie! Vehicle shopping stresses me out. Kind of fun but I’m always worried we’ll buy a lemon. Hope yours is awesome.

  7. Aww, I love that he finally felt the baby kick. How exciting! I love feeling my est friend Christa’s baby kick.

  8. well.. there’s my stolen picture again! ;))

    glad you liked the crust. whenever you share a recipe you always kinda wait with bated breath that ppl come back and say it was good. i mean what a let down if they were like,”that was the most horrible thing i’ve ever eaten!!!” ha!! and i like the rustic look of it. seems it’s supposed to be that way, especially on apple pie for some reason. i should have added that i rubbed a little milk on mine when i was rolling it out to get it smoother. it is a rather lumpy type crust. but tasty – so that’s all that matters.

    yay for cozy snow and ice days!! xo

  9. Shanda says:

    So sweet that he finally gave in to feel the baby move. They had a bonding moment! 🙂 A new brother to love and tease, right? Oh I can’t wait to see your new baby boy! Hope you are feeling good. Good job on the pie.

  10. tessfull2 says:

    That pie looks delish. Yum! The ice picture was kind of beautiful.

  11. Christy says:

    Um. Now I want apple pie! I almost always make pie when the apples are nearly past being good. 🙂 I’ll need to try that pie recipe. Sounds like it’s a hit!

  12. that pie looks fabulous. and I never thought to use the word rustic with food. but come to think we’ve had some rustic dishes around here already that have worked. I know about loud ice days too. many. many. actually. 🙂

  13. sailing5 says:

    Pretty but looks cold, we are in Ohio so we have snow~~

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