Climbing Scared

This afternoon, I took the boys to the park. After the ridiculously cold winter we’ve had, today was a beautiful, balmy, fantastic 72 degrees! We had the most fun. After school can be such a hectic, stressful time around our house. Aside from loading the car in the morning, it’s often the most stressful part of the whole day! This day was so nice, and our park excursion was just the thing. It was wonderful. I’m so glad we got to really enjoy the pretty day!


While at the park, Thomas and Elijah were climbing up this apparatus, and I overheard Thomas tell Elijah, “Don’t climb scared. That’s what makes people fall.”  I can’t stop thinking about that. It seems a little reckless but if you’re a climber, you know it’s true. A confident move is a firm one. It doesn’t slip. I don’t even know where he learned that. And the way he shared it with Elijah, as they were climbing, brother to brother, that got me! 

Later, Elijah took up with this little boy named Joshua. He was 2.5 and totally afraid to go across the bouncy bridge and down the curly slide. His mom was next to me and she said he was very timid about things. Out of nowhere, Elijah shows up and starts talking to him. Eventually he gets him to cross the bridge with him and go down the slide together. He talked the little boy into doing it all by himself too. It was the sweetest thing. The little boy’s mom said, “I’m so glad your Elijah was there to help him!”  Thomas also spent a good 15 minutes just sliding and sliding with Oliver. That’s what Oliver loves to do at the park, SLIDE.


Here’s the thing, we don’t always get days like this. 85% of the time with a house full of boys, it’s not exactly sugar and spice and love. Especially between Thomas and Elijah. So this day, and those moments, well, I’m gonna treasure them in my heart. 


This Valentine’s Day, Steven and I got to go to Shogun, a Japanese Hibachi grill, alone!  My in laws called and asked to keep the boys. We had planned on taking them with us. The first year Steven and I were dating he took me to Shogun for Valentine’s Day. We have gone every year since then. Some years we take the boys, some years we have a sitter. The special blessing here is that my father in law has recovered enough from his stroke in early January that they were able to watch the boys and ready to do so! It was our 16th year in a row to go to that restaurant. I ate SO much food. We didn’t get home with the boys until almost midnight. I crashed into bed after putting the boys to bed, and fell asleep immediately. The next morning i awoke dreading the dishes that were waiting for me from the previous day. I got up and went in the kitchen, to find them all done. Steven had stayed up the night before and washed them. It meant more than the flowers or the candy he had given me the day before. I floated all day. Isn’t it funny how something that “small” was so big?



I hope you all have a great week, and whatever climbing awaits you, don’t do it scared. Do it with confidence. My 9 year old said so and I believe him. 


13 comments on “Climbing Scared

  1. Audrey says:

    Aww, I love this-except for the warm and sunny- I could glare at you for that! Not that it’s your fault that winter is so long and cruel, but having another thing canceled today because of the weather makes me cross and irrational! 😉

    Those are some amazing in-laws you have, asking to keep the boys, And Steven doing dishes for you behind your back- you are blessed!

  2. Elijah is wise but it’s so different when we teach people on ropes courses or to rock climb. We tell them it’s good to be a little bit scared b/c that keeps them aware and safe…not overly afraid but somewhat afraid 😉 It’s always sweet when brothers get along (no matter how old they get)
    So glad you had such a good Valentine’s Day. Steven was a sweetie to do the dishes–a great gift for sure.

  3. So much wisdom in that quote from such a young boy. Wow. I really like that.
    And seeing boys be KIND is something that blesses my heart so much. That is so extremely rare that it seems unusual to me to see a kind boy. Good job, Bethie-lou. 🙂
    And doing the dishes after a Valentine’s date is sweetness for sure! Those little things mean the most, I so agree with you.

  4. jennie z says:

    I am so glad that you could enjoy some fun time at the park – you boys sound like little sweethearts!

    And the dishes!!!!! that is an amazing thing when a man does dishes. he must really love you. ❤

    enjoyed hearing from you…I always do!

  5. tessfull2 says:

    “whatever climbing awaits you, don’t do it scared” Words of wisdom indeed. I keep a journal where I write such things. I am adding this. It really fits to where I am right now. I’ll be pondering that for days to come.

  6. amber. says:

    “don’t climb scared!” i’m gonna remember that.

    can’t wait for 72 degree park days to come back around here.
    sounds like the perfect afternoon.
    and inlaws that call and ASK to keep your kids!!!
    can i borrow them?

    happy thursday to you and baby jude!!!!

  7. the dishes?!!! something so small IS SO BIG. the thoughtfulness…way sweeter than chocolate and prettier than flowers anyday. that’s seriously the best of gifts. your valentine tradition is cool. partly because i love that kind of food and also because you’ve made it happen that many years in a row. you all got way more right than just dish chores going on. 🙂

    that “Don’t climb scared. That’s what makes people fall,” is going in my sentence journal. deeply profound. i’m not going to talk about the 72 degrees part i am so jealous! 😉 But happy for an afternoon with some stress relief for everyone.

  8. I nominated you for the most inspiring blog award..see my latest post. 😉

  9. Carmen says:

    so very sweet! Thanks for letting me peak in!

  10. I love your family. And I love this post. That’s all. 🙂

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