A special Day

Today was my first Mother’s Day as a mom of six. We were only 20 minutes late to church, I consider that to be, all in all, a success.
It was also the church recognition service for baby Jude’s baptism. He was actually baptized at Children’s Hospital. Our good friends and sponsors for Jude (that’s like Godparents) came down from South Dakota for the event.
It’s been a great weekend. This Momma, however, needs a rest. 😉








7 comments on “A special Day

  1. Total sweetness. You look awesome!! Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. wildflowersp says:

    Twenty minutes? That is awesome.

  3. jennie z says:

    I picture you as the perfect mother to little Jude. I’m glad your day was a success!! God bless your blush of boys. 🙂

  4. Tessy @ Divine Moments says:

    I just love that first picture! So glad you had a weekend of celebration and Jude is doing so well.

  5. Shanda says:

    I just love your family! You are so blessed. Happy Mother’s day!

  6. Momto9 says:

    Aaaw and just look at you beautiful mama with all those cute and handsome boys!

  7. Carmen says:

    Beautiful. Sweet baby. I am glad you have a good Mother’s Day.

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