I believe . . .

Kisses given from Mamas to their babies last forever. No matter how many 3 year olds think they can wipe them off.

Time spent holding a crying baby is not in vain, and promotes mother-child bonding even more than holding a content baby.

When big brother wants to hold his baby brother, you should always let him, if possible.

People who bring you food even 3 weeks after you have a baby are saints. Saints, I tell you!

You forget how easy a 3 year old is, until you have a newborn.

Dads don’t parent the same way moms do. But that’s okay. It’s probably even good.

It doesn’t feel like the day has started til you smell the coffee brewing.

It takes WAY longer to get ready and go anywhere with an infant. I had forgotten that.

You should not watch Toy Story 3 when you are hormonal and postpartum. And certainly not every day with your 3 year old who pretends all day to be buzz light year or woody. And that makes you remember when your oldest was 3 and used to pretend to be buzz light year. Then you cry again because he’s 13 going on 14 and where has the time gone?









12 comments on “I believe . . .

  1. carmen byler says:

    awe!!! Love this Beth. You are so right!!

  2. mrswrangler says:

    He is so precious.

  3. Kim says:

    I LOVE baby hands and feet! sooo sweet! And Jude is adorable! Love the post thanks for sharing!!

  4. Shanda says:

    It’s all so true. And Toy Story 3 is just the worst!
    Jude is so precious~

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Awwwww!!!!! Love all the pictures!!!
    I understand about kids growing up too…I can barely watch home movies or look at pictures without getting all emotional! Jeff doesn’t watch home movies for that very reason….don’t tell him I said so though. 😉

  6. Awww, this is just so precious!! You expressed it so well. I love all your posts about baby Jude, and the rest of the boys. Such a precious time! xoxo

  7. Rachel says:

    you’re such an inspiration.
    Jude is just an adorable little baby and yes, people who bring you food, at any time are definitely SAINTS!!
    i hope you all continue to adjust and enjoy!!

  8. my baby is nine… people who bring me food are still saints. i will be saying that even in the nursing home. until they start grinding it for me. then… probably not. your post, kids, baby jude, you… all precious. every bit.

  9. Sweet post–I agree with it all. Difficult to believe you have a teenager. Just saying. 😉 I see the pics and even I think–man, they are suppose to all stil be small. lol.

  10. Shannon says:

    Love it. The food one made me laugh. I’ll call anyone a Saint if they bring me food.
    I look at all of Jude’s wee bitty features and I’m getting all mushy inside. 🙂

  11. Momto9 says:

    What a little precious cutie he is! So tiny and perfect ! Yes buzz light year will indeed make you cry!

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