Back and forth
Squirmy bundle
Sometimes singing, sometimes humming, sometimes silent.
Wrapped up bundle, or loose limbs
Sideways baby or upright with soft sweet heads resting on shoulders
Sometimes happy, sometimes calm, sometimes fighting every minute
How far have we walked, this one and I? How far left to go til rest?
How many miles over a lifetime with the others too have I walked?
All I want is sleep right now. Someday when there is time to sleep, I will remember the walk and wish for one more mile.
But today I want the sleep.


5 comments on “Miles

  1. i never thought about all the holding and walking in terms of miles. my kids always thought heaven sounded wonderful based on the simple fact there is no night there. which they interpret to mean no naps or bedtime. but since my plan is that we will all be there together…this momma is tucking in kids and going to bed on occasion! somedays that’s what sounds perfect. i hear ya.

  2. Luci says:

    oh Beth. This is so beautiful. But I feel the exhaustion with you….. Hugs and blessings! 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    I feel so tired for you just reading this! Wish I could load up the crew for a day while you sleep! 🙂

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