The best thing he does

One of them can’t sit still through it, or stand still. They start standing while we open with prayer. Then we sit and Steven reads the Bible passage. They talk about the law in it, and then the gospel in it. Sometimes the baby fusses through it. We pray for everyone we know who is sick, and everyone we know who is pregnant, by name, and the ones we may not know. Sometimes I’m annoyed at the time we start because it doesn’t fit with my plan for the evening. We always talk about some part of the catechism and what it means in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if anyone paid any attention at all. Sometimes, the questions they ask are more thoughtful and relevant than the ones my bible college classmates used to ask. On the days he is working (5 of 7) Steven gives up his lunch break for this. He eats cold or reheated food later because he believes this spiritual food for our kids is more important. I never have to ask him to do this. He studies for it. Sometimes I wonder if the material is over their heads. I mean, some of the boys are pretty little. And then I remember if they start at this level, it won’t be over their heads for long. There’s very little you actually have to dumb down for kids. I don’t bother picking up first. If we had to have a clean room to do it in we’d never get it done.
This is the thing I love best about him. He loves them enough to make this the priority.



4 comments on “The best thing he does

  1. Shannon says:

    a beautiful love!

  2. tessfull2 says:

    Devo’s in your undies rock! 😀

  3. Wow, what an amazing gift your kids have in you and your husband! Love this so much. What a challenge.

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