The Difference a Year Makes

One year ago today, we found out our lives were changing again. I was more shocked the 6th time than the first time!

In the last year we’ve fought insurance battles, healthcare provider battles, and cancer.

In the last year we’ve been the recipients of actual miracles.

I’ve learned one thing for sure, though, I’m much more blessed than I deserve.






5 comments on “The Difference a Year Makes

  1. Love this post and the pictures. You have such a lovely family.

  2. Shannon says:

    In the midst of all the bad, it’s good to hear someone say they are blessed. What a beautiful life it is!

  3. Rachel says:

    What Shannon said. And wow; a year already?! Life is but a blink.

  4. tessfull2 says:

    Hard to believe it has been a year…. loved the walk through it all through the pictures… my fav was the smiley one toward the end. He is too cute!!

  5. Shanda says:

    Your year even amazes me, your long distance internet friend. You have had SUCH an experience, and baby Jude is the best of all. You have such a great bunch of sons, and I pray that you adjust soon to your new meds and stuff. hugs!

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