Random Roundup #356

Garth Brooks is coming to Little Rock. Who’s taking me??

When we were trick-or-treating, Oliver overheard Alex tell someone who answered the door in costume that he liked their costume. Oliver proceeded to tell everyone who answered the door after that, that he liked their costume. Even the ones not in costume.

I lost my drivers license at the movie theater recently. (of course I didn’t realize it until I was trying to exchange some diapers at Walmart with 5 children in tow, and frantically searching for it) After calling the movie theater (the last place I had remembered having it) and finding out someone had indeed found it and turned it in, I went to pick it up today. While I was there, I got popcorn for lunch. That’s normal, right?

Have you ever gotten a wrong number text? I got one for the first time. It was also a bit inappropriate. I’ve laughed all morning about it.

Steven and I are a bit caught up in a game of change each others phone wallpaper when the other one isn’t looking. All I’m gonna say is, David Hasselhoff is starting to feel weirdly sentimental now.

After his Halloween party at school, which I was unable to attend, Isaac asked me if I could be his room mom. I said, I would love to come to some of your things, but I can’t be the room mom, I have to work. Later, he got out of bed, came in the living room and said, “So, are you going to talk to my teacher about being room mom, or should I?”  He’s persistent!

Yesterday I told Oliver, “I love you!” and he replied, “Thank you, Mom!”

Thomas is in a Harry Potter phase. He’s reading the books but he’s also making wands now, from sticks in the backyard that he whittles himself, or small dowel rods he talked me into buying for him. I have to say, his work is impressive.



4 comments on “Random Roundup #356

  1. 4kidsonemom says:

    I’m still cracking up over the screen savers. I’m going to have to do that to Jeromy. That text!! Omgoodness ha ha!! Love that Thomas is I to HP. That’s awesome. And I’d totally take you to see Garth. I just can’t afford the airfare to fly to you. Ha ha. I did see him in concert in Canada (just across the Washington state border) years ago. It was awesome!!

  2. The screen savers crack me up. Love the text–too funny.
    Love hearing what’s going on at your house…something always makes me laugh.
    Glad you found your license.
    Yep–I eat popcorn for lunch or supper a fair amount. 😉

  3. wildflowersp says:

    Gee, I just get dental reminders for the gal who had my number before. Well, my ex “accidentally” sent me something meant for his girlfriend.

  4. wildflowersp says:

    That is a great wand by the way.

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