He’s always been a middle child. Well, there was a brief 20 months as the baby before he was “dethroned” by Isaac, but I hardly count that. He showed up making a splash, with a 2 week stint at Children’s Hospital for bilateral pneumothoraces. (a hole in each lung) They said the first one was likely from breathing in fluid during his c-section, and the second one was when the lung blew out while they were putting in a chest tube for the first hole in the other lung. Life has a way of slowing you down sometimes, when you get too geared up. That was a scary time that boiled everything down to basics. I could talk about the experiences of having a NICU baby, existing with other zombie parents at children’s hospital, and how scary it all was, but that’s all kind of water under the bridge now. He’s here and he’s fine.

Yesterday was his 9th Birthday. Where is the time going?? He’s always been a lovey child, full of hugs and kisses and “You’re the best Mom, ever!” (to which he fully expects me to reply, “You’re the best Elijah ever!”). He’s also sneaky and smart. If you’re looking for tips on hiding in plain sight, he’s an expert at that.  I went to eat lunch with him at school for his birthday. When we sat down at the bench outside to enjoy the pretty day he smiled at me. He said, “I picked you some flowers today, over by the track, since I knew you were coming for lunch.”  He reached into his little boy pocket and pulled out some weeds and a tiny yellow flower. I sat them carefully on the picnic table so we could look at them while we ate. It was a moment for me. This boy, who would pick me flowers at school, and then put them in his pocket til I got there.  He really is the best Elijah, ever.




5 comments on “Elijah

  1. He’s the best Elijah, sweet, cute and thoughtful. Nine, already? Gee, your boys are growing quickly.

  2. This is the sweetest. Love reading about your mommy adventures!

  3. mrswrangler says:

    He’s growing up

  4. amber. says:

    you can just tell from his smile he’s the sweetest! 🙂
    can’t wait to meet your boys someday – –
    cause you know it’s gonna happen at some point.
    hopefully BEFORE oliver and reese get married. ;))

    happy thursday, friend.

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