Being the Debbie Downer

No one likes a complainer. That being said, I’m going to put myself out there as the complainer, with full knowledge this may make someone mad. It’s okay, we’re humans. We’re allowed to be mad at one another and disagree from time to time. Several people that I know sell a certain product. They sell it based on testimonials and on their Facebook feed. They link this product to several other internet sites with so called “proof” that the product works. What are the products for? You name it, it fixes it! I’ve seen such a broad range of illnesses and problems that this is supposed to fix, that alone makes it unbelievable. One thing isn’t the cure for everything. Well, technically, Jesus is the cure for sin. Which is one thing being the cure for everything. But they aren’t peddling Jesus. Also, if I tell you about Jesus, I don’t get a percentage of the sales you had to pay to hear the good news. That goodness is 100% free. 😉 But back to my complaint, no one purchaseable thing is the cure for all the illnesses in the world. There is no magical panacea that replaces good diet and exercise. There is not a product in existence that will prevent your body from dying at some point, in some fashion. When did this start to bother me, the gradual losing of my friends, the turning point when they only viewed me now as a potential buyer of their stuff? I know exactly when it happened. When I became a cancer survivor. After the surgery to remove my thyroid, radiation treatment, and subsequent permanent state of hypothyroidism (permanent because I have no thyroid to stimulate now) I learned what it is to suffer with an illness that is not visible. It changed who I am, and how I function. Not symbolically, literally. I have a completely different level of health, with altered body and brain function. It’s been a difficult journey of research. I’ve had to up my health game, intensely, just to maintain average health.  I work with a team of health professionals who have dedicated their lives to understanding and treating the conditions I have. Their knowledge has saved my life. So when a person makes the claim on Facebook, that their product they are selling cures cancer or hypothyroidism, I find myself offended. I don’t want to be offended. I’m offended by people who are constantly offended by things, actually. However, seeing these things from the other side, I realize how insulting those Facebook posts and blogs are. Some quack knows more than the team of professionals who have a combined education of DECADES? I think not. Those posts can be so insulting. It says to me, you’d never have had that illness had you been purchasing this product I’m peddling that hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA, and has been in existence for 5 minutes and the long term use of it’s components hasn’t even had enough time to be studied. I wonder do the people with the other illnesses it claims to cure feel the same as I do? Are the parents of autistic children offended, or maybe the people with diabetes or psoriasis? How about those suffering from being overweight? These conditions are things people wrestle with. I have seen posts listing every one of those conditions as treatable or preventable by this product. It takes long term care and planning to live with and thrive with these issues. There’s no magic potion in a bottle, and I believe saying there is, is mean. It’s borderline preying on those who strive for hope and healing. Do I struggle? Sure. Am I worried? No, I have that one free cure, Jesus. Although that healing comes in the next life, I’m content to live the life I have here in the mean time. I’m not desperate. Some people, though, are desperate. They will gamble any amount of money for relief. Who can blame them? Everyone wants a quick, easy fix, NOW. Especially when they suffer now.

Please don’t misunderstand. If a product makes you feel good and you’ve lost weight with it or are just so darn excited you want to share that news with people, I get it. Also, it’s a free country so you have every right to do so. I just wish people would think twice about the testimonials and “Oh look at this interesting link I found!” and the messages that they are sending. Some of us are getting a message, alright. It’s just not the one I think was intended.


3 comments on “Being the Debbie Downer

  1. April W. says:

    Well said my friend. It’s one thing to be enthusiastic about loosing weight and feeling a little more pep in your step, it’s quite another to suggest that life-threatening and life-changing diseases, can be eliminated by products that have not stood the test of time or objective scientific testing.

  2. Julie says:

    I just got a chance to read this, well said. Believe me if there was something that would magically make my cancer go away, I would beg or borrow to be able to buy it. I am happy for those who find these products make them feel better, but lets be honest about what they can and cannot do.

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