Some days . . . 

I can hear the loud chatty birds through the open window. It smells like summer. The light is soft coming in the window, filtered through the tree branches. I rarely get to experience this time of morning in this spot, my cozy bed with its quilt jumbled from by little bitty bed pals. One of those dudes was up from 2:30-5. So now at 9, I’ve woken up before him. The other boys are still sleeping, or old enough to entertain themselves til I get out there. I hear supermario on the Wii and someone else opening the fridge.  I love this moment. A fresh day, no alarm to stress me out. Even the little guy soaks it up. 



One comment on “Some days . . . 

  1. tessfull2 says:

    Love moments like these 🙂 I know I am enjoying my days of no alarm clock and no getting kids dressed and off for school. Summer rocks.

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