Orange cake. 

Once there was a lady who had been given a box of orange cake mix and some orange store bought frosting by her mother in law.  She fully intended to make cupcakes one day. Sure, they wouldn’t be homemade but the kids would still eat them, and so would she. 

The day had been long and hard so she chose to just make a cake and not mess with cupcakes. She had recently moved and was still having some issues with cooking times in the new electric oven. The lady much preferred a gas stove. 

After putting the cake in the oven she went to the living room to see what the kids were up to. After it had baked 10 minutes of the scheduled 30, she smelled something weird. She went into the kitchen to find it filled with a hazy smoke. Upon opening the oven, the cake was black on top. While getting it out of the oven she burned her hand. The cake was placed unceremoniously into the garage and windows were opened to air the place out. 

After a while the lady brought the cake back inside where her husband asked her if it was a chocolate cake. This earned him a dirty look. 

Thinking to try and salvage it, she cut off the burned top. There was moist orange cake inside. She then proceeded to trim off all the burned outside. Left with two small rectangles of usable cake, she opened the store bought frosting. The orange color was nothing short of ghastly. Oh well, she thought, here we go. 

After finishing she showed the cake to her husband. He then stated that it looked as though a child made it and his parents didn’t help him at all. 

After much laughter, which the lady vehemently denies participating in, the husband was banned from cake forever. 

Asking one of her children if they wanted some resulted in a suspiciously polite “No, thank you.” 

It was 45 minutes of her life she would never get back. 



5 comments on “Orange cake. 

  1. Miriam says:

    So funny 🙂 I’m sorry, but I can relate to this story.

  2. mrswrangler says:

    I think we all have had cooking experiences like that. Mine was fried chicken and my fiancé soon to be husband laughed and joked even when I wanted to cry. Bless his heart he ate it out of love.

  3. lol–that is hilarious.

  4. If your cake looks like on the picture it is no so bad ; Bur I propose an other name . Call this ” a orange delight ” and all the family will applaud ! 🙂
    Love ❤

  5. Rachel says:

    ha!! i literally laughed aloud at this one! and, yeah, what a waste of 45 minutes!! 😉

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