Mom Confessions: Vol 15

Today I bought Tide. I’ve been making my own laundry soap for two years, it’s saved me so much money. I have no reason that I purchased the Tide, it was an impulse buy. How does one go from spending almost nothing on laundry soap to buying the the most expensive of all the soaps? I don’t know. I have no explanation for myself.

While everyone was waiting for me to make dinner, I stood in the corner of the living room eating a Twix, catching up on work emails. I’m not even sorry.

Sometimes, when I just can’t get the little ones to be quiet while Dad’s on the phone for work, I stick them in the sunroom and close the door.


Yesterday, in celebration of a personal victory, I had a glass of wine. Not even a whole glass, really, it was just under 2/3 of a glass. I got so dizzy. Lightweights, unite!

The boys started school this week. We missed the elementary school kids “meet and greet” night. The school apparently announced this even on their Facebook page and in the new app for the school district, on the day of the event. It didn’t occur to me to look for it until two days after it had already happened. Now that we’re two days into the school year, I can tell you that missing that event, has not mattered one bit. Thank goodness.

1st day of school 15

The second kid in that picture, has already missed a day of school, ear infection. Also his viola was sent to the wrong school by the music company. Hopefully when he gets back tomorrow it will be there for him at his actual school.

My Grandmother passed away in July. I forgot to mention this in my whole post about how crazy July was. I can only say that some things are just so big in your life that maybe you can’t reduce them to a bullet point in a blog post. That sounds better than I was a terrible granddaughter. . . . Anyway, my Grandpa gave me two cuttings from some of Grandma’s cactus plants. I was legitimately worried they would not survive. I was secretly hoping for just a whole plant, already living and grounded in it’s own pot. There’s no arguing with Grandpa, though. The good news? So far, they’re still alive. After consulting my gardening pal, Google, I let them dry out for 10 days then planted them.


For a few days, everything I made in the oven, burned to a crisp! When I blamed the oven, everyone thought I was just making excuses for not knowing how to work the electric oven at this new place we live. Even googling it yielded a comparison to the quote “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people . . . . .” Thanks for that, Google! I just called you my friend. I take it back. When I had it looked at, and found out the thermostat was broken, and that the oven was in fact, just stuck on preheat, so it kept heating and heating without ending, I experienced vindication, my friends, vindication.


5 comments on “Mom Confessions: Vol 15

  1. mrswrangler says:

    Sounds like you been busy. I have those moments to where I buy stuff I have at home. In my case yesterday I bought a cantaloupe which I have twelve ready any moment to pick in my garden. Wow your boys are growing up fast. Sorry to hear about your Grandma.

  2. Good to see your update and all you’ve been up to. Sorry for your loss.
    Can’t believe how much the kids are grown.

  3. Miriam says:

    I’ve never made my own detergent, so I can’t compare the cost of Tide to that; but I think that I actually save money when I buy Tide over cheaper detergents because I use so much less of it. And our clothes look cleaner, even using way less.
    I’m sorry about your grandmother.

  4. Tisha says:

    I am loving your confessions. I think i need to write a whole post up on my mommy confessions. I am back to blogging so be prepared to see more of me commenting and posting 😉 Not sure if your following me still.

    I am happy the kids are back to school myself, I was ready for the routine of things to be back.

  5. Momto9 says:

    Yeah. It’s a crazy life we live!

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