What You Don’t See


We recently had family pictures made. They were courtesy of LindseyFaith Photography. Honestly, I just love them. It’s not easy to get everyone to look your direction for a photo, but Lindsey did a fantastic job.


These are the kinds of pictures I’ll frame and put on the wall for everyone to see. Partly because they are just really great pictures, but also partly because I’m so stinking proud of this bunch, this wonderful family of mine.  They show us put together and hanging out having fun,which is definitely a part of who we are and how we act.

Unfortunately we don’t always act that awesomely. Especially me. This week has been a total struggle. We’ve had sick kiddos and the merry go round of illness and germ swapping when you have this many people in a house is quite a disgusting ride. One day this week, Steven was caught working late and unable to go get Isaac from scouts. This meant at the last minute I had to go myself and get him. After being home with sick kids all day I was wearing shorts, a long sleeve shirt, no makeup and I hadn’t washed my hair in at least 2 days. I wasn’t planning on being seen if you know what I’m saying. But this was last minute and there was no time so I just drove up there and ran in to get him. The group of adults in the room literally eyed me up and down. I’ve never actually had that happen before. FYI: I don’t like it. When I got out to the car I realized there was stuff on my shirt. Probably some food on there, definitely some snot, and other unidentifiable things. Steven said, “They probably just didn’t know who you were.” Yeah, sure.

I’ve yelled a lot this week. I’ve read about those quiet moms who are always gentle and they say “If you speak quietly they have to get quiet to listen to you.” To that mom I say, “Sister, that ain’t gonna work around here!” I’d give them 24 hours to find their yelling voice in my house. It’s not just me either. I’m pretty sure all the males in our house suffer from voice immodulation disorder.

Mostly what you see in the cool pictures is just a quick happy snap. The fun of family though, is that even though that’s not always how you live, you still love each other. Do I love arguing? No. Would we be the same family if we didn’t argue and disagree? No. Would we like it if there weren’t so much personality and life? No. Would I change anything about us? No. Would I like some peace and quiet in the bathroom sometimes? Yes.





3 comments on “What You Don’t See

  1. 4kidsonemom says:

    Sorry for the illness. It’s here too. I’m just not that quiet mom. Never will be. I keep trying though! Love your family pictures so much!!

  2. mrswrangler says:

    Love seeing how much your boys are growing. Glad you have some nice pics

  3. Thanks for being real. It’s nice to know that other families have their moments, too. But I agree – I wouldn’t have it any other way since that’s just part of us. Oh, and the whole quiet, gentle voice doesn’t always work with teaching either. There are some moments that require yelling. 😉

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