Her name is Wonder Woman. . . 

. . . and she lives in my purse. She’s a little soft toy. I received her as an anniversary present from Steven. He and one of the boys picked it out while card shopping. 

On impulse, I tossed her in my bag on the way out the door one day to go to work and she’s been there ever since. When I’m stressed about things, be they work related or kids and school related, she’s a comforting little gal to have around. 

Oh she’s not magical and should she be lost, life would roll on as it always does, but remembering she’s there, and the fellas who thought of me when they saw her, it brings back a good feeling. That good feeling is a nice fat raindrop in what can often feel like a dusty, empty watering can. There’s so much watering and pouring out, out, out, that my water can is expected to do. Sometimes, it feels like no one is ever  putting any water back in, in, in it. That one little wonder woman shaped drop can somehow make enough of a difference, that I can somehow do one more of the things,  when I thought I was surely done. It’s like a modern day feeding of the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. 

I’ll take my inspiration wherever I can get it.